The best walking itineraries on Tonale

The Path of Peace and other hikes

The territory of Tonale Pass is a spectacular medium-high mountain environment,
where you can discover the alpine nature or the historical testimonies of the White War,
for example along the trails that are part of the famous Path of Peace.

But there are many other hikes in Val di Sole, both for families and for expert walkers, just waiting to be followed.
Ready to be amazed?

Tonale peat bog

This protected area is characterized by an exceptional wealth of biodiversity and is the habitat of very rare Alpen plants and animals. In the wooded areas, with a little luck, you can also see other common mountain inhabitants such as roe deer or grouse. An easy thematic itinerary, with twelve boards and an interesting educational set-up, helps you learn about this extraordinary example of biodiversity.

The Tour of the Forts

An itinerary suitable for everyone, which retraces the places of the First World War. It leads you on the discovery of military villages, tunnels, trenches and, as the name implies, the ruins of Forte Mero, Forte Zaccarana and Forte Strino, offering panoramic views of the Alta Val di Sole. The more trained hikers can continue on the trail made by the Austrians, part of the Path of Peace, which, going up to the Torrione d'Albiolo, offers further evidence of war events.

Paradiso Pass

There are numerous testimonies of WWI in the Adamello mountains. One of these is the Brotherhood Monument on the Paradiso Pass, an ancient border between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You can go up either with the Presena cable car or on foot along itinerary no. 281, an integral part of the Path of Peace. Across the pass, there is the Paradiso Tunnel, which houses the multimedia exhibition "Sounds and voices of the White War".

Tonale Beach

A beach in the mountains? At Tonale, we have that too! On an easy dirt road that starts directly from the pass, you go down to the natural shores with sandy areas formed thanks to the erosive action of the stream that springs from the Presena glacier. A real must is to dip your bare feet in the cool water. Nearby, Raseghe can also be reached by strollers, and is equipped for outdoor picnics and barbecues.

Village of the Marmots

To get to know the curious inhabitants of the mountain up close, families should definitely go to the scenic Marmot Village at Malga Valbiolo, which can be reached by cable car or after an easy hour of walking. Between very fast slides, wooden houses, an enchanted castle and a water mill, fun is guaranteed for visitors of all ages.