All wellness in our hotel in Val di Sole

The definition of “regeneration”

Named in honour of the aromatic wood with its renowned relaxing properties, our modern wellness area Il Cirmolo allows you to experience various variations of well-being using the most advanced technologies.

Whatever your definition of relaxation, you will experience it here.

Aromatic Turkish bath

Characterized by a high level of humidity and average temperatures around 40 ° C, the Turkish bath - suitable for everyone - is renowned for its de-contracting and purifying properties of the skin and induces deep relaxation.

Bio sauna with officinal herbs

Designed to offer a milder temperature, but higher humidity than the Finnish sauna, the bio sauna with aromatic herbal scents reaches temperatures between 60 and 70° C and promotes purification of the respiratory tract.

Infrared cabin

Infrared rays have the capacity of deeply heating the body with more pleasant temperatures (40-50° C). This healthy wellness practice stimulates circulation; helps expel toxins and release nervous tension.

Panoramic Finnish sauna

Located on the terrace and made of precious Hemlock wood, this Finnish sauna with a fascinating external view, and a temperature between 90 and 110° C, restores and tones the body while relaxing the mind.

Rustic Finnish sauna

In this enveloping sauna made of antique wood with a dry heat, temperatures between 80 and 110° C help to release excess fluids, promote muscle recovery and cardiovascular circulation.

Relaxation Area
Chaise longues

The rooms of the quiet wellness area are equipped with artistic chaise longues and comfortable ergonomic deck chairs, where you can practice the fine art of doing nothing, while breathing in the therapeutic fragrances of pine.

Heated water beds

Ideal for relaxing the spine and reducing pressure on your back. Resting on heated water mattresses will help you soothe pain due to poor posture and relax naturally without tightness.

Ergonomic heated relaxation bench

Slow down, take some quality time for yourself and stretch out on the ergonomic bench in the tepidarium. Heated to 20-40° C, it radiates an enveloping sensation of well-being though  body as well as the spirit.


Conveniently located on the terrace, let your stress evaporate with the warmth of the golden rays of the sun, perhaps after a relaxing bath in the outdoor whirlpool. The positive effect on your mood is instantaneous.

Alpha Lounger Dream Room

The Alpha Lounger is a multisensory bed for relaxation and psycho/physical regeneration. It stimulates the alpha brain waves through sounds, colours and vibrations, and promotes total relaxation.

Icefall in the frigidarium

The application of ice granules on the body offers an immediate sensation of vitality and freshness and promotes therapeutic vasoconstriction. An ancient practice for physical and mental well-being.

Experiential showers

The experiential showers spray the body with alternating sequences of different water jets with the natural aromas of tropical fruits, producing a revitalizing effect. Helps to relax the nerves and refresh the skin, muscles and mind.

Kneipp session

Heat and refreshment as energizing opposites: the alternating temperature jets of the modern Kneipp session perform a pleasant toning massage on the feet and offer significant benefits for blood circulation and muscle tone.